Eco-Friendly HVAC Services
from Airtek

Airtek offer a wide range of services that cover all areas of your Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Chilled Water needs. .

Airtek also offer a comprehensive Service and Maintenance service to all brands and models of Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Chilled Water systems. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.


Airtek can offer a range of fresh air ventilation heat recovery units for the domestic, industrial and commercial environments. Issues with the quality of Indoor air can be one of the most important aspects of occupant comfort. Airtek supply and support all commercial and Industrial ductwork installations, and offer ductwork design, supply, installation and maintenance services to a broad range of clients. Airtek are able to offer advice on your specific needs, and to design, install and maintain a system that will provide a safe, healthy and comfortable indoor environment,

Service and Maintenance

A regular maintained system will keep your home or work environment at your required temperature without interruption. Airtek offer Air conditioning maintenance packages for all our installation as well as providing good, sound and professional advice on other existing systems. If your air conditioning system isn’t working as expected we aim to respond as quickly as possible to any breakdown that you may have. This ensures your system is fully protected all year round.

Chilled Water

Airtek have extensive chilled water knowledge and are able to offer a comprehensive design, installation and maintenances service. We are able to supply and install a full range of high quality systems from industry leading manufacturers, selecting the best versatility, performance and energy efficiency for your needs. - Design and Installation of high efficiency water chillers, Air conditioning and process cooling solutions. - Service and maintenance of water chiller and air conditioning systems. - Turn key projects; Complete project management of design, replacement/installation and commissioning. - Replacement: Removal of end of life existing equipment and replace with new with minimal disruption.